Willem de Kooning inspiration

About the American Artist

Willem de Kooning, known as one of the most renowned abstract expressionist in the history of art, has influenced numerous artists during his time and even years after his death.

The greatest technique that made de Kooning more popular was his use of complex figures, which introduced a hint of ambiguity. In addition, some background figures were observed to overlap some other elements in the painting, which gave them an image as though they were appearing in the foreground.

The explosive nature of de Kooning’s work tells us that it is an art of struggle, that its source is both painful and personal, obviously based on feeling over intellect and very probably stemming from some “primal event” (as Sigmund Freud might term it) in his early life, or series of events, so traumatizing that the artist was forced to thrust them into his unconscious, and has spent a lifetime trying to keep a lid on them, only to have the unconscious contents violently erupt countless times in his paintings.

His quote: “I’d like to get all the colors in the world into one painting.”

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