House of Helmet is the first Modern Gallery for Art Helmets: Art in Motion sublimating safety helmets.

House of Helmet was founded in 2019 by the French Product Designer Najette Derni previously named Cameleon et Moi (SA), she patented two inventions related to helmets, watch the video

Since 2014, I’ve registered an ECE 22.05 homologation for open face helmets and was covering them with stitched leather pieces, engraved design leather, animal pattern leather, and even covered helmet prototypes with cork material.

Art Helmets are a way to seize an understanding of humanity. Each artwork is a visual story travelling in time and space bringing the different communities together.

The Emerging Art Helmets from around the world is growing slowly but surely with already more than 20 different pieces made to orderThe Collection inspired by The Masters is mostly covering American Artists from the last century to nowadays.

The easy steps to make an acquisition:

– Choose your Art Helmet,

– Choose your model helmet,

– Choose your size.