Lorser Feitelson inspiration

About the American Artist

Throughout his lifetime, Feitelson was influenced by a myriad of artistic movements. He found himself immersed in the growing community of New York modern artists. During these early decades of his artistic practice, Feitelson extrapolated from the works of the Futurists and Cubists. His paintings were delineated by his inspirations, leading to categories in his work such as “Neo- Classicism” and “Kinetic Drawings.”

Jules Langsner’s quote: “I sometimes find it difficult to believe that the name Lorser Feitelson is attached to a single person. There is Feitelson the scholar, the teacher, the collector, the lecturer, the pioneer of art in America, and last, though by no means least, Feitelson the Painter, constantly exploring new avenues of expression. The way I know these different Feitelsons are one and the same is that each has the same insatiable curiosity, the same infectious enthusiasm for Art.”

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