Cœur de spacionaute

About the Swiss Artist

Max Grueter is a remarkable artist who showcases an unconventional and sensitive approach to his work, deeply engaged in both analog and digital realms to express his unique vision of the world, particularly through the lens of space. He perceives the digital space as an infinite and mysterious entity, much like the universe itself, and this perspective heavily influences his artistic creations.
At the core of Max’s digital universe is a central symbol – a 3D character resembling a spacionaut. This character serves as a representation of his exploration and navigation through the vast digital landscape. It symbolizes his journey into the unknown and his curiosity with an inch of humor to understand the boundless potential of the digital realm.
One of Max’s significant contributions to the art world is an open source work of art, accessible with a simple mouse click into the digital unknown. This openness aligns with his belief in the limitless possibilities that digital art can offer. By encouraging others to explore and interact with his work, he invites them to experience the same sense of wonder and exploration that he encounters while navigating the digital space.
Max’s artistic journey involves continuously pushing the boundaries between concrete and unrealistic universes, blurring the lines between the tangible and the abstract. This ongoing process allows him to redefine the roles of each realm in his chaotic and innovative artistic cell division. In doing so, he embraces the unpredictability and surreality that arises from this fusion, relinquishing control over the final outcome of his experiments. The results are often surprising and subversive, reflecting the enigmatic nature of the digital universe.
As an electro-sculptor, painter, and draftsman, Max Grueter possesses a diverse range of skills, effortlessly transitioning between the digital and analog worlds. This mastery of different mediums, technics and materials enables him to express his artistic vision with versatility and depth.
Max’s quote, “My body is the spacesuit of my soul,” encapsulates his profound connection with space as a metaphor. Just as a spacionaut’s spacesuit is essential for navigating the harsh and unknown environments of space, Max sees his physical form as a vessel through which his soul can explore and comprehend the vast and ever-expanding universe, both in the digital and physical realms.
Overall, Max Grueter‘s work challenges conventional notions of art and invites viewers to embark on their own journey of discovery.

His quote: “My body is the spacesuit of my soul

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riginal artwork designed by Max Grueter from The Swiss Collection

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