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About the German Artist

Arno Bruse was born near Stuttgart in south of Germany and now lives in Berlin. His parents are originally and respectively from Cologne and Berlin. His father taught as a professor for Graphics and Commercial Art at the Federal Fine Arts Academy in Stuttgart.

From the “Free School of Arts” education he received in Stuttgart, Arno Bruse is now listed in Kürschners Handbuch der Bildenden Künstler“, K.G. Saur Verlag GmbH, Leipzig, Germany, First Edition 2005 – Germany’s No 1 guide to contemporary artists.

While moving to Munich, Arno Bruse kept traveling extensively, in Europe, Asia and the United States both as a spiritual seeker and a painter. During this time, he discovered color paints as his medium and collected numerous impressions which today still influence his work.

In the City of Berlin he then dedicated himself to his paintings and the improvement of his skills. After a couple of years of hard work and intensive learning, he quickly achieved recognition among Art circles in Berlin appreciating his unique and vibrant way of graphic art.

The encounter with Hawaii’s powerful nature and the ancient spirit of these islands leave a deep impression in him and begin influencing his work and presenting his works on the island for the first time.

Since 1989, Arno Bruse’s studio is established in the heart of Berlin where he keeps playing with the limits of reality and bridging natures spirit with modern city life.

A dancing couple, a jazz musician or a girl on the phone – although being ordinary his figures appear extraordinary. The collections portray a sensual and alive world of archetypal imagery behind daily life scenes. Each painting offers the viewer a portal into a deeper dimension of wellknown situations, touching realms of emotion, dream, vision and intuition. They portray a world imagined yet rarely achieved. This way his paintings have become crosspoints between the spiritual and the material world.

Collectors value his work for his sensitive colorings, the unique blending of transparent shadings with graphic elements and spirited strokes. They value the warm and affirmative atmosphere radiating from his luminescent works. Today, Arno Bruse is a global operating artist specializing in Fine Arts acrylics.

Pop Art is his late major shift, combining his acrylics with classic gold plating techniques to place his themes in a cool metallic environment. Simultaneously he started to explore the world of diving and integrating some of his favorite pop art styles. This exploration still continues and has already given birth to a number of surprising and thrilling works. The cooperation with “House of Helmet” is a highlight of this development as it brings together the worlds of Motion and Fine Art. The free spirit and positive attitude towards life of motor biking joins together with the playful, colorful and dynamic approach of Pop Art, which, from the very beginning, has been interested in common daily life and articles as we can see very clearly, for example, by the works of Andy Warhol and Edward Hopper. We invite you to join the artist and take part in this journey as it continues.

Article from the Klassik Magazine, “Pop Art Artist, forever a generation”

Osho’s quote: “Be yourself and suffer the consequences!”

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