Refund and Returns Policy

House of Helmet is offering a Collection of unique Art pieces and limited edition designs on helmets. All the designs are made on order: returns, exchange and refunds are not accepted.

We highly suggest you to wear and try the helmet model you choose for your Art design before you make an order.
House of Helmet can’t be responsible of an inappropriate size of helmet and the risk of wearing a wrong size of helmet. The helmets can be available and tested at your usual helmet dealer shop.

Helmet manufacturers warranty against defects in materials and workmanship can be retrieved in the box joined to your helmet. The helmet should be replaced within the number of years suggested by the manufacturer.

House of Helmet is not responsible for any damage loss of packages or of any parts installed (or damaged while attempting to installed) on the helmet.

For any defect related to the helmet itself, we ask you to contact directly the technical service from the brand manufacturer.

Enjoy your ride with House of Helmet!