Where is my alter ego?

About the Artist

Claudia King is a self-taught abstract artist who grew up in Monaco and is now based in the UK. Her style has influences from street art and psychedelic art with a focus on line work. She enjoys using a vibrant and dynamic multicoloured palette in various mediums with a preference for acrylics. Claudia developed acquired aphantasia, a condition which left her unable to visualize mental images. There is no planning involved in her artistic process, it naturally evolves in the moment as she allows her intuition and emotion to guide her work. Her journey has led her to explore themes of memory, identity and the most important question we will all face at some point in our lives, which is “who am I?”. Her work is a testament to the power of adaptability and the boundless possibilities of human creativity.

Karl Jung’s quote: « Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.»

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Original artworks from Claudia King

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