About the Artist

A clear and innovative path, expressed through a painting imbued with both power and sensitivity, came into my life a few years ago, as if sprinkled by enchanting fairy dust. From my native New Caledonia and the influences around me, I created a style that is intimately my own, a style based on a primary divisionism of forms and representations, resulting in grand compositions.

My work follows a path imbued with pure plasticity, where my creativity is revealed in different universes, inviting the viewer into a dreamlike world. I always strive in my artistic quest to surprise myself, with the aim of bringing you a piece of a dream.

From pure inspiration to a theme imposed for major international events, or a private commission, I seek through what I create the emotion that will touch you.

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Original artworks from Sylvana Aymard

Art Helmet made on an UVEX Helmet. Coating by Ferrari garage for scratch resistance and against minor abrasions caused by everyday use or contact with external elements.

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