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Originally from Zurich, the artist Simone Monney has her studio in Nyon in the canton of Vaud. A fan of fashion and drawing, this creative soul, however, embarked on a professional path far from her passions. Working at Firmenich S.A in Geneva, she discovered the wonderful world of perfume and the entire production chain. Developing all her senses for this extra-sensitive person is a blessing, and she transforms into a graphic designer.

In 2005, she abandoned her professional career to embody her true vocation: being an artist. The studio is part of her daily life, and its atmosphere evolves with her always-positive moods. Music is an indispensable companion in her creative moments. Contemporary for explosive pop art or classical for her lyrical expression. Thanks to daily meditation, she enters alpha mode, enhancing her imagination and creativity. Simone Monney is always seeking new challenges and doesn’t hesitate to use new materials and techniques in her painting.

Her favorite mediums are India ink for its fluidity, acrylic, spray paint, and gouache. On the canvas, the colors, often vibrant, organize themselves in an aerial ballet, like a flight of butterflies, a circle of flowers, a joyful fireworks display.

Among the artist’s projects in 2023 is the exhibition of her olfactive works in appropriate spaces. She had the honor of presenting a multisensory installation at the Venice Biennale in 2022 at Palazzo Bembo. Composed of 5000 butterflies, this work symbolizes change and spiritual renewal.

This creative vision that enchants the gaze has allowed Simone to be sought after beyond Swiss borders and to successfully exhibit in several countries because it reflects a dimension of universality, where everyone can find their own emotional and artistic vibration in echo.

Interview Elevate Diving: Everything is inspired by my senses: what I see, feel, hear and touch

Her quote: “One cannot paint white on white, black on black. Each needs the other to reveal itself.

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