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After a high-level sports career that took him around the world, Patrick Christ chose Saint Paul de Vince to share his boxing expertise with the youth. A few years of teaching in this light-filled village, a renowned hub of art, provided him with the opportunity to meet Chagall, Verdet, Baldwin, Mancini, Tobiasse, César, Arman, Montand, Ventura, Gavras, and many others, encountered along a street or on the rampart that protects this beautiful medieval village. A very strong friendship emerged from his meeting with Victor Hasch, who himself had been enchanted by this magical place, a favorite among great creators in search of light and color.

It was only natural for him to exchange his boxing gloves for paintbrushes…

Patrick Christ is permanently featured in the collections of the Galerie Art Seiller in Saint Paul de Vence, France.

Her quote: “Fais de ta vie un rêve et d’un rêve une réalité

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