About the Artist

Kristelle Marcelin is a multidisciplinary artist endowed with an insatiable curiosity. She launched her own brand of jewelry and fashion accessories in 2011, a universe in which she continues to express herself today. In 2020, Kristelle pushes the boundaries of her artistic expression by delving into figurative painting. Passionate about exploring textures and materials, she incorporates elements such as fabrics, leathers, ropes, and even sand into her works. This fusion of mediums lends her paintings a unique tactile and sensory dimension, thus offering viewers a captivating immersive experience.

The incorporation of these materials explicitly evokes the artist’s Antillean-Guyanese origins, highlighting the female figure as the central pivot of her artistic approach. In her works, strength and fragility intertwine in a perpetual duality, reflecting her personal journey in her own words.

André Malraux’s quote: “The ideas are not meant to be thought, but to be lived.”

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Original artworks from Kristelle Marcelin

Art Helmet made on an UVEX Helmet. Coating by Ferrari garage for scratch resistance and against minor abrasions caused by everyday use or contact with external elements.

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