Sky Mirrors


About the Persian Artist

I got into Art by music. Playing the “Santur” as a teenager led me to art school, then painting replaced everything.

Graduated in “Visual Communication”, I started to work as a graphic designer mostly in magazines and on that time my works were mainly illustration.

I use Art as a medium to express feelings and thoughts. One time, it is acrylic on canvas, next time it is print making. As an artist, I am moving between abstract and figures in a constant state of impermanence.

Most of my works are done with the hand-printing technique, but not in the classic way of it. By having an intermediary (stereotype or stamp) which is the first basis of printing in my works, not for uniform repetition (circulation) but with the aim of achieving an organic based transfer and repetition.

I am fascinated by combination of black and white and focused on forms.

My recent works depict bold rhythm and repetition. I see the world as essence of beats where reproduction is really everywhere and everything.

His quote: “There is no such thing as “I”, but only “US”.”

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Design made to order on your favorite model helmet.

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XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


AGV X3000, ARAI ConceptX, BELL Bullitt, SHOEI Glamster, Specialized Mode, GPA Evo Hybrid, POC Skull Orbic, POCito Skull


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