Beauford Delaney Inspiration


About the American Artist:

Despite its sober subject, the scene crackles with energy, the culmination of Delaney’s sharp pure colors, thickly applied paints, and taut, schematic patterning. Abandoning the precise realism of his early academic training, Delaney developed a lyrically expressive style that drew upon his love of musical rhythms and his improvisational use of color.” Works such as Can Fire in the Park “hover between representation and abstraction as that style evolved during the 1940s.”

James Baldwin’s quote: “I learned about light from Beauford Delaney, the light contained in every thing, in every surface, in every face. The reality of his seeing caused me to begin to see.”

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AGV X3000, ARAI Comcept X, BELL Bullitt, GPA Evo Hybrid, POC Skull Orbic, POCito Skull, SHOEI Glamster, SPECIALIZED Mode


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